Client Spotlight: Che Lingo

Born in South West London in 1992, Rapper/MC Ché Lingo, was the unpopular kid. After growing up in the crux of the UK Rap/Grime scenes, Ché Lingo’s magic lies in his ability to fuse his melodic rap style and intense lyricism with eclectic flows; encompassing all the best elements of what UK Urban music has to offer.


“My Rap derives from Grime but I’m a songwriter at heart really! – Che Lingo”  


With songs garnering attention from mainstream radio at the age of 16, Ché has honed his talents having since graced stages in some of London’s most popular venues, performing alongside the likes of Lady Leshurr, Lil Simz, Ghetts, Stormzy and WSTRN.  


In 2015 he was celebrated and cosigned by SBTV’s Jamal Edwards and the members of So Solid Crew as “An Unsung Gem of UK Rap”, followed by an itunes charting single in January 2016 (Channelling The Waves); finally ending the year with a highly respected EP entitled “Better Versions”, supported by Complex Magazine and Beats1 Radio.   

He appeared on Berlin youtube platform COLORS in January 2017 performing his explosive freestyle “ZUKO”, tearing through the internet racking 100,000 hits in less than a month. With songs supported by BBC Radio and self proclaimed fans such as Julie Adenuga (younger sister to Skepta and JME) and the Godfather of Grime, Wiley, Ché Lingo’s european appeal now grows daily having killed stages in Amsterdam, Scotland, Berlin and Paris.


“We shot the official video for it and I learned to breath fire, I could’ve died before my time but the risk is proof! – Che Lingo”


With a electrifying stage presence and and boundless energy Ché shameless pioneers his motto “TRIP” (The Risk Is Proof) giving life to the idea of seeing things through to the end and not being afraid to live your life your way; despite society’s ideals as this is the biggest social risk people battle with in the western world.


In the Summer of 2017, Che will release his second EP “Anime & Chill” including his fan- favorites, “ZUKO” and “Black Girl Magic”.

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