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There is a vast difference between being still and being stagnant. At the beginning of the pandemic, I strongly sensed God was instructing me to be still and to accomplish two important things while doing so: (1) Greater submission to Him and (2) Developing a customized strategy for how to be prepared for these times of uncertainty. 

I received instructions on how I should structure my life and business for what lies ahead and while I was applying the principles to my life, I realized that some of them were not only useful for me, they could be beneficial to you as well. 

I will be sharing the instructions I received regarding my business as a Speaker at @together4.15. 

Together 4:15 is a virtual conference taking place on Friday, August 28, 2020.  

Together 4:15  is made up of incredible Women of Faith who have amazing gifts and they will be discussing the things God has placed on their hearts from their varying areas of expertise. 

As one of the speakers selected for this timely event, I will be sharing “The 10 FREE Ways you can transform your business in a Pandemic.” If you have a service or product based online business and you use your website or social media platforms to grow your business, THIS SESSION IS FOR YOU!!

I believe this information will help you be anchored, well equipped and aid you in approaching this next season with confidence as you are empowered and armed with the tools you need to FULLY step into who God has both called and created you to be personally, spiritually and professionally. 

Visit to read more and sign up today! Also, don’t forget to use Coupon Code CHAUNCEA10 for $10 OFF! 

What personal and/or professional goals have you been tackling during the Pandemic? Oh and also… WILL YOU BE ATTENDING? ARE YOU COMING?? Let’s talk about it!

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