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Why 2020 was One of the Greatest and Most Impactful Years of my Life

2020 is going to go down as one of the most memorable years in history. The announcement of a global pandemic sent the world into complete and utter shock. None of us knew what this meant or what it was going to look like, and for some countries like the United States, we still don’t know.

The Covid-19 pandemic will forever be a historic moment in history. The pandemic put the true value of life and my loved ones into perspective and how things can be so quickly taken away. Living 3000 miles away from my family, it quickly became apparent who and what was important to me and how I needed to prioritize my life.

However, despite the loss and uncertainty, 2020 somehow managed to simultaneously allow many of us to re-group, refocus and get serious about what we wanted for ourselves. I know that was certainly the case for me. God used this pandemic to help me slow down and focus on what mattered most while allowing me to draw even closer to Him.

So I want to share with guys ten reasons why 2020 was one of the most incredible and most impactful years of my life!

I went to Israel

Two months before the pandemic hit, I was blessed with the fantastic opportunity of going to Israel. Little did I know that it was that very trip that allowed me to position myself for the rest of the year. Being in Israel allowed me to have a palpable experience with Gods’ presence. It also helped to prepare me for all the pandemic had in store. Stay tuned for my Israel vlog to see more of my experience on this trip!

Reading the Word

With the extra time that the pandemic afforded me, I tackled one of my personal goals. I read all of the gospels as well as six other books of the Bible. This was the first year in a while that I could be intentional and comb through the word of God daily and thoroughly. 

Being intentional with self care

The pandemic also gave me the gift of extra time for self-care. I took baths (so many baths), watched movies, refined my skincare routine and more!

Merging who I am with what I do

I am in a season of merging what I do with who I am, which has been transformative. In 2020, I spoke at virtual conferences where I was able to integrate business and faith. I discussed brand strategy through the lens of the gospel, and I accepted my assignment for Christian creatives. 

I became a student again

With stay-at-home orders enforced worldwide, people had to find new ways to connect – myself included. This year, I participated in zooms, virtual workshops, seminars, and conferences. Before the pandemic, I had such a busy lifestyle that I was eager to research strategies, tools, resources and information that would help me grow my business, my clients and my life. Having the opportunity to sit, learn and intentionally strategize instead of just “doing” was refreshing.

I got creative with my travel goals

I can’t remember the last time in my adult years that I celebrated my birthday. I was always in “building season”, so my birthday always seemed to sneak up on me. Most years I was just grateful just to catch up on some much needed sleep on my birthday.

However, this year I decided to “get away” for my birthday. Since being with my grandfather, I did not feel that I could travel safely by air without putting him at risk, so it was fun to discover the places I had right in my own backyard.


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