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A Confident Talk with Xehar Curvy Founder, Hadari Oshiri

Creator, Hadari Oshri, has always been passionate about the confidence she exudes. Hailing from Tel Aviv, she realized early on how far confidence can take her. She wanted to gift the confidence to women, no matter what their hobbies, size or creed. A woman’s glow is her strongest weapon, and in order to gift that glow to women across the world, Xehar was born. Style all of a sudden wasn’t for the few.

Xehar means “GLOW” in Hebrew. Each item is made with the intention to inspire a confident lifestyle for every type of woman. Xehar wants to promote the idea that whatever struggle you may go through, you should walk through life with the confidence to overcome anything. Our mission is to build “A More Confident You”, through fashion. Sexy dresses, denim, jewelry, & handbags from ensuring that even the most discerning customer won’t leave empty-handed.

Xehar is a movement with a very strong mission to build confidence and to reach all women, It’s about a community of women that live this kind of confident lifestyle.


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