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#AD Organic Doctor – UK to The States!

Sometimes you just can’t wait for the weekend to get a break so I Decided to take a mid week work break earlier today to journal some of my 2018 goals and try out one of my new skincare favs, @Organic Doctor! With an array of skincare, hair, body and bath products, their products are made with ingredients inspired by nature. They have original collections like their Snail Gel, Tea Tree, Coconut Oil and Rose lines and you know what the best part is? Award Winning UK based brand is now easily accessible in the States! #OrganicDoctor can be easily found at CVS and on Amazon!
More Information on Products Featured:
  • Organic Snail Gell — Snail Gel offers a new generation in skin revitalization care. We use the unique secretion the snail uses to regenerate its own shell to help hydrate and moisturize maturing skin.

  • Organic Tea Tree – Australia — Organic Doctor® Tea Tree range boasts wonderful cleansing properties, deep cleaning oily skin, clearing away impurities. Organic Doctor Tea Tree is sourced from organic farms in Australia where the tea tree is a native plant.

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Sri Lanka and The Philippines — Organic Doctor® Virgin Coconut Oil is a deeply moisturizing & hydrating super oil that has been valued for its intensely hydrating and nourishing properties. Organic Doctor Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from organic farms in Sri Lanka and the Philippines where the coconut palm is native and referred to as “the tree of life.”

  • Organic Rose Otto – Bulgaria, Iran, and Morocco — Organic Doctor® Rose Otto is an aromatic, floral, healthy-aging skin line. Organic Rose Otto Oil is obtained from roses cultivated in Bulgaria, Iran, and Morocco and used for its aromatic scent and skin revitalizing properties.

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