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Many of us have a lot on our plate… School ????, practice⚽️, work????, trying to start that new independent project that has been on your mind for the past 3months… We are all guilty of trying to juggle too many things at once. So, how do we stay focused through it all?
I’ve jotted down some simple tips below that should be helpful. ????
5 Tips on How to Stay Focused..
1. Make Lists????
– I know.. This seems unnecessary to include because you already know you should be making lists; you actually have lists swarming through your head right now as you are reading this. However, may I suggest that you physically take out a pen and paper✏???? (I know! Ancient stuff!) and jot down what you need to do.
Although storing your to-do list on the notes app on your phone (????) is an another option and can be quiet convenient, It can also be very tempting to select other distracting apps while trying to just check on whats next on the list… (It’s not your fault, it’s your thumbs fault! ????)
In addition, I’ve also found that one gets much more satisfaction from being able to check ☑️ or scratch 〰 off an item when completed and physically see all the work thats been accomplished… It’s motivation to keep going! ????
2. Beat Procrastination????
– Do the hard stuff first. Laundry, that 10 page essay thats due, emailing that professor – put the things that are the most challenging for you to do on the top of the list, therefore you have gotten it out of the way and the rest of your tasks will be a breeze. Kick procrastination’s butt! ????
3. Choose Your Circle⭕️
– Ok..So this tip will not only help you focus better, but I’ve found this to be a general tip one should live by.
Only keep those around you who genuinely want to see you win; whether it’s winning at a goal or in life. If you reach out to text your besties when they know you have a deadline to meet on a certain project, have friends who are disciplined enough to say “Chauncea, don’t you have that paper due? tty once its finished.. love you”. Keep each other on track – isn’t that what true friendship is for? Win together 🙂????
4. Organize your Space????
Im not trying to be your mom right now, I promise. But I’ve really found that an organized space = a organized mind. When I clean my room, I automatically feel productive. I don’t have clutter surrounding me, so I feel less cluttered in general and it motivates me to declutter my thoughts, make an effective list and get to work. ????
5. Reward Yourself????
– Yes! Reward yourself!
     First, reward yourself while you are accomplishing the task.
 Example: For every 45mins of studying, browse through your favorite social media sites for the remaining 15mins (set an alarm ⏰– Remember, discipline ????).
     Once you’ve finally completed the tasks at hand, BINGE… Gilmore Girls Season 5 on Netflix????? YES. Cookies and Cream ice cream run ????? Double yes! Girl’s Night with my Bestie ????? Do you even have to ask?.
There is no problem with rewarding yourself for a job well done. Tasks Completed + Perks = A WIN WIN!
Hope this was helpful.. Email and tell me how applying these tools was helpful and feel free to send any questions you have also and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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