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Coronavirus Chronicles: An Update

I have been MIA lately… I just couldn’t waste this rare opportunity to slow down, seek greater clarity, focus, strategize and tap into the new levels of strength essential for the uncertain journey that lies ahead.⁣

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As I think about the Giants we have had to face (and continue to face) as black people, I can’t help but think about the many challenges we are all experiencing in the United States and globally right now. ⁣

Whether you are facing Giants of racism and injustice, Giants of loss and grief, Giants of anger and frustration, Giants of despondency and discouragement, Giants in your finances or Giants in your mind and/or body, let us take lessons from David in the Bible, hold on tightly to God and let Him guide you, instruct you and give you a customized action plan that will cause you to take what little you have and defeat your Giants/enemies. David only had a slingshot and 5 smooth stones (1 Samuel 17) and the courage to face his Giant(s) while trusting God to use what he had to win against an unusually large and extremely threatening Enemy. ⁣

I’ve always believed it was the power of God in David’s life that gave his simple tools the power and force to slay Goliath! ⁣

I pray the Goliaths in your life fall one by one as you sling your stones. ⁣

What Giants are you slaying and what weapons are you using? ⁣

I have included my answer in the comments below.

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