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3 Ways I Plan to Finish the Year Strong!

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If you are like me, adding one more tedious task to your already exhaustive to-do list will officially thrust you over the edge.

…and, if you are like me, you realize we are near the end of the year and still have so much more to tackle in order to achieve the goals we set at the beginning of this year.

So, I have provided 3 simple (easy to apply) tips “we” can execute in order to get back on track and give the year a #StrongFinish!

  1. Take a Full Assessment of where your Brand/Business is Right now:

At the beginning of this year, I set some very ambitious goals for my businesses and 9-months later I know for sure God looked at my plans and laughed. It’s not that my goals were not good, however, it could have been my poor planning, poor execution or not having enough time in the day but either way, life got in the way and tasks remained undone.

It does not mean I can not try to accomplish some of those tasks before the year ends so whether it is clearing out my inbox, organizing and/or taking those new headshots as I planned or setting new goals and adding them to the months that remain in order to set new and more realistic deadlines; no matter what you have to do, make sure you take the steps necessary to #finishstrong!

2. Check in with yourself regarding your personal goals:

This year I planned to read one book a month, do a massive inventory and purge of my closet and make better health choices. With most of these goals I started out strong but mid-year, I fell off track and again, life got in the way.

If you are connected with me on Instagram you know in mid-August I picked up books again, slowly began making healthier food choices and pressed play on bettering me. Make your overall well being a priority and check in with yourself. Don’t wait until next year to restart – resume your efforts towards those personal goals now.

3. Celebrate the victories 

Now, this won’t check anything additional off our your already overdue list but I still find this tip to be essential…  At the beginning of 2018, I was so busy forging ahead that I ignored any small (or BIG) accomplishment. Whether it was being able to work with a brand that I really love, exceeding my own expectations on a project or meeting important and oftentimes competing deadlines, I would cross things off my list and move on to the next item.

My to-do list was still long and ever mounting so I felt like I had nothing to be proud of since there was always so much more to do. I did not celebrate what had been accomplished successfully and I do not recommend that approach.

After I finish this post, I am going to take a look back and even if I just take myself out for Froyo or take the morning off to go for a nice serene walk through the park, I am committed to taking a moment to acknowledge my strength, endurance, and accomplishments.

No matter what still needs to be done, I am going to be diligent and intentional in celebrating my small victories and while thanking God for the opportunities I have already received this year.

I also believe attitude and gratitude will put you in a better position to receive more blessings so reward yourself and prepare to celebrate!

**Bonus Tip: 

Start Planning 2019 NOW!

…While we are behind, let’s get ahead (it cannot hurt anything). I am currently in the midst of writing my 2019 goal list and although I do not plan to execute any of those goals right now, it is a good opportunity to submit those goals to the Lord in prayer and wait to see if they make the final cut.

I hope this motivates you and prevents you from feeling discouraged about what hasn’t happened yet. Celebrate what has happened, press refresh concerning your present circumstances and take full advantage of your future.

I am so excited to see how the rest of your 2018 goes, please keep me posted and I will keep you posted on mine too!

As always I love you, I am praying for you and remember, we are in this thing (called life) together!

– Chauncea


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