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The Product that is helping me to get #SummerReady!

Please Note: This post is in partnership with Food Science of Vermont

At the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to have a healthier lifestyle, but I must admit, like many, about a month ago I fell off track. Projects, responsibilities, the things we all know so well got in the way and before I knew it, I was back to eating for convenience instead of for my body. Superior Greens™ came to the rescue just in time for me to get right back on track for the summer!



I have been using Superior Greens™ for a few weeks and I must say I can really feel the difference! Superior Greens™ is a powdered drink mix that is not only great tasting but it has a combination of nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, herbs, probiotics and more and it is formulated to “cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate” your body. It provides 60 servings that can be mixed with water,  juice, in a smoothie or even mixed with yogurt. I have been adding their powder to my #ShakeandGo bottle prior to leaving the house and I add water to it in the middle of the day in between meals.  Also, when I am in the midst of travel, I love that it is not in a massive size container like so many powdered drink competitors – it can easy fit in my suitcase and can be easily taken on the go. 


I still have a couple of weeks left but so far I feel stronger, more balanced and overall my body feels renewed. As great as I feel now, I should be living my optimum superior life in just a couple more weeks!


Head to your local Rite Aid® or visit to get your Superior Powders and Follow FoodScience of Vermont on social:

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