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Women Curves

I love this woman and I love our International TFG family…
I forgot to tell her I was coming but I did remember to pull every thing from my closet that needed alterations and managed to pack it all with her in mind (why not get all your alterations and tailoring done in Paris, right)?
I showed up at her amazing new showroom with little advance notice and then had the nerve to request a 36hr turn around on a couple of the items. She hugged me, kissed my cheeks and then proceeded to ‘cuss me out’ (in French I might add) as she skillfully pulled, tugged, stretched, ripped and cut up my garments with a cigarette in her hand! After that, she went back to loving on me again then insisted that I make sure to come back to the showroom prior to departure to choose some items from her new collection for Mom and I to enjoy.
Later, as I overheard her talking to Vivian I realized she was speaking English. What? She speaks English? She finally told me she only speaks to me in French because I can’t continue making regular trips to Paris and have Parisian clients but not speak better French than I do (I must admit she’s right). However, after all this time knowing her and working together (thru translators, I might add), I was completely shocked and speechless to discover she speaks English.
Anyway… I had an awesome time in Paris and she made it even more amazing and memorable!
Here’s to The Fount Group – a Global family!

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