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The Simpler, the Better!

This post was sponsored by Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™.  All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.



As many of you know, I have been steadily incorporating ways to simplify my lifestyle. Whether it has been a focus on making healthier lifestyle choices, changing my travel patterns, amending my routines or my overall practices as a Girl Boss and evolving woman, I am in the midst of making many aggressive and positive changes to every aspect of my life. 

So…In a world full of extra, I have concluded that simple is actually better!

One area I want to simplify and manage more successfully is that inevitable “time of the month.” Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™ has created an amazing product that offers unparalleled protection in a comfortable tampon made from purified fibers that are washed up to five times and woven together to form an absorbent core. The applicator is completely free from colors, dyes, BPA and all the harmful things we should keep away from our delicate bodies. The reliable protection it offers makes life much easier during what can oftentimes be a frustrating “period” of time. 


Recently I have been paying close attention to what is in the products I use and what they are made up of, so it’s great to know that every ingredient used in Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™ Tampons has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure consistent and reliable protection we can trust to be good for our unique bodies**(**When used as instructed).

As one who has had challenges with heavy periods since I was a pre-teen, travel, school, even choosing my outfits have been severely impacted by not having the adequate coverage I needed during that time of the month. The 360° Protection™ ∞that Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™ provides conforms to my body forming a protective barrier that prevents leaks. 

I know so many of you are like me and are also trying to reorganize and recalibrate so many areas of your lives and that truly isn’t an easy process. However, when it comes to our time of the month, we should take advantage of this amazing solution! I don’t know about you, but trying to make all of these life changes can be impacted by things like tackling that time of the month properly. By switching to Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™ Tampons, you can experience the benefits of great value and superior protection in a product that is vital to the female experience. 


If you want a simple solution to what can be a very complicated “period” in a woman’s life, please consider joining me in choosing Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™ Tampons so you too can experience the amazing difference! 

Before (or after) you go out and grab your Playtex® Simply Gentle Glide™ Tampons from Safeway, be sure to check out this hilarious clip provided by Playtex®.  I actually watched it a few times and thought it was quite creative, witty and undeniably funny!


As always, a BIG thank you for valuing my thoughts on such an important topic and amazing product. Also, please join the conversation (on all of my platforms – Instagram: @Chauncea Twitter: @Chauncea and Facebook: Chauncea) and share in the comments below some of the things you are doing to create a more simplified lifestyle that will help you achieve lasting happiness and overall success in your life.

As always, I love you, am praying for you and remember, we are in this thing (called life) together!





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