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Life is Pom Wonderful!


Some of you may have noticed a drastic shift in my content lately. In the past, I have shared my love for travel (#chaunceatravels as a reference), business and so much more but I never shared the extreme toll the frequent and oftentimes unchronicled travel and business had taken on me… With several International flights per year, working 72-hrs straight sometimes, I was neglecting “the personal me” in an effort to develop and grow “the professional me”. So… I have made a few commitments to myself in an effort to create a balance by investing generously in my mental, physical and spiritual well being as much as I do business projects.

I have been so pleased with the results! In a short time, I have cultivated a few new REAL friendships, revived my relationship with the Lord and stepped outside of my comfort zone by trying new experiences like @LaBarreBelle powered by @PomWonderful.

Yesterday was intense (excerpts of my experience should still be on IG Stories) – I was nervous, I wasn’t sure how well I would do but Instructor and Creator @MarnieAltonwas AMAZING! She encouraged, motivated and challenged me and instead of wanting to give up, I felt the support I needed to keep going!

After class I had a refreshing bottle of #PomTea with light bites as I chatted with my other Barre classmates and to top off an already amazing experience, I got to meet star @lola_the_sloth!
A huge thank you to so many of you – your encouragement, support, kind comments, texts and DM’s have been so timely!
Here’s to being the best we can be!
Happy Friday and have a great Memorial Day weekend! #PomTea #SlothBarre #AD



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